Why We Don’t Show Before & After Photos for Anti-Aging Products (& What We Do Instead)


You might have seen that before and after photos for our anti-aging line are nowhere to be found. And that’s for good reason.


Before and after pictures are easy to manipulate, edit, or buy from somewhere else. Retinol and vitamin C, for example, provide anti-aging and skin-rejuvenating benefits -- ones you can easily imitate in Photoshop.

Here are a couple reasons why you shouldn’t base your shopping decisions on them, and why we let our customers do the talking instead.


2 Things Beauty Companies Don’t Want You to Know about Before and After Photos

Before and after photos are easy to manipulate.


Your mind responds positively to appealing photos.

Things like lighting, angles, facial expressions, and hairstyle changes can all drastically affect how we see an image. Meanwhile, one Photoshop session can fade dark spots and zap wrinkles quicker than any serum.

It’s easy to take a drab “before” picture, and then step into better lighting or touch up the photo for the “after” shot. The results of a six-month anti-aging regimen can easily be replicated without any skincare products at all.

That’s something you’ll never see at DRMTLGY, though.

“We try to be as transparent and honest as possible, and ironically enough, before and after photos are often one of the more manipulative and dishonest tactics in the beauty industry,” says Chris Egan, the marketing director of DRMTLGY. “It’s actually because of that that Facebook strictly enforces their policy against before and after pictures.”


Before and after pictures don’t tell the whole story.


Sometimes, before and after pictures only represent the most dramatic results of a product. Why? Because subtle, minor improvements don’t have quite the same impact.

Although there’s nothing wrong with this, this can give shoppers the wrong expectation. They believe that their purchase will work just as effectively for them -- even if that’s not the case.

Before and after photos can help shoppers make a decision, but they can also be used to deceive. That’s why, at DRMTLGY, we take a different approach.


Why DRMTLGY Focuses on Customer Reviews and Testimonials


Do you remember the last time you left a positive review for something? If you’re like most people, they’re not something you give out often.

Companies don’t get raving reviews for “good enough” service. They’re earned by brands that exceed expectations.

And that’s what we’ve done for hundreds of our customers.

On our website, you’ll find video testimonials and written reviews from real, satisfied buyers. They’ve used the products you’re interested in, and they give their honest opinions on how they work. You learn about their experiences in their own words.

We can prove to you that the science behind our skincare is sound (and we do). But sometimes you just want an unbiased opinion.

When it comes to the effectiveness of our products, these reviews show that you don’t have to take our word for it. We let our customers and our skincare speak for themselves.


Not sure what we mean? Visit our Testimonials page to see for yourself.