5 Reasons Why Everyone Is Using This Makeup Primer 🎉

Blurred pores, reduced redness,

reduced shine, and longer-lasting makeup? 

Yes, please!

1. Photo-Filter Effect

This clear primer helps to blur the appearance of pores and fine lines, giving you a flawless finish. Doesn't cake in fine lines and makes skin feel super velvety! 

2. Skincare Meets Makeup

A perfect 2-in-1 combination of makeup infused with skincare benefits. This primer is infused with vitamin E and A to help protect the skin from environmental stressors.

3. Longer-Lasting Makeup

If your makeup doesn't last all day, this primer will give it some serious staying-power!

4. Redness? Shine? Goodbye!

Reduce the appearance of skin redness and shine instantly! Get that flawless, filtered look without the filters!

5. Safe For Skin

This primer is lightweight, oil-free, and safe for all skin types. As a skin care company, we put the health of skin first!

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What Our Customers Say

This primer is amazing!! I have yet to find a primer that I love…until now.

Emily T.

Verified Buyer

I have had horrible skin my entire life. This has been the BEST blurring primer I have ever used. When I say I have tried every brand....that is the understatement of my life. Every brand, every variation, every line of everything. You can use this alone to just blur your pores and it still looks amazing.


Verified Buyer

After being in the industry as a professional makeup artist for nine years I can tell you this primer exceeds others that I have used! The consistency is very smooth and blurs pores in one swipe. I like to apply this to myself and my clients primarily in the T-Zone to create a flawless application! It doesn't matter if you're dry, oily or combination skin this primer works for all skin types and gives a beautiful long lasting makeup!

Brittany B.

Verified Buyer

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