We love hearing from our customers about their successes with our products, their life-changing skin care feats, their experience with our staff, and their overall experience with DRMTLGY. Here are a few of our favorites!

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"I have been using all kinds of creams for years. I'm 60 years old I've had Botox some fillers not much and the needle-less serum is unbelievable! A few people even ask me if I had a facelift and I've only  been using it for a week !!  I'm going to be ordering the neck cream next. Thabk you for this!!"

- Lisa from California

"I have been using the anti-aging kit along with the microdermabrasion scrub for a week now. I can not believe the change in my skin! My skin feels tighter, my pores are smaller, my fine lines are beginning to fade and my skin is brighter! If this is only week one, I can NOT wait to see the continual progress!!"

- Tricia from New York

"I absolutely love this anti-aging kit! I have seen my skin improve in around a month's time. I used to have milia and it is gone completely. My small wrinkles are disappearing. I am not dried out either and follow their regimen. I will definitely buy this kit again. And it seems to be lasting a while; I would estimate about 3-4 months use out of the kit. "

- Darci from Iowa

"Very happy with this product.  I have been using it for several weeks. I just ordered my second bottle. I feel I am seeing results."

- Suzanne from New Hampshire

"I bought the Anti-Aging kit After only 1 week of using these products I started getting compliments on my skin!! I was asked... "Have you Done Something"!Already placed my next order. In addition, Ryan , the customer service representative is beyond helpful and extremely knowledgeable about the company product line ."

- Anonymous from New York

"Using the anti age line for over a week now and the combo is perfect.. my skin feels super clean the serums absorb immediately (doesn't sit on top of my skin) and the moisturizer is very hydrating.. my skin has a healthy glow but my fine lines are gone already .. love love .. have put my other creams and serums away.."

- Jennifer from California

"Its been a little over two weeks and I absolutely love this kit. I'm 53 years old and I have never received more compliments about my skin than I have since using it. I can't recommend this enough."

- Eva from Arizona

"I'm on week 4 of the needle-less serum and I have to say that I've never seen any of these products work, but this one does!! I have a bathroom (and bedroom) full of serums that I've used for 60-90 days (if I haven't returned them) and I saw no results at all. I use this on my face and neck and I think it has made quite a difference in the firmness of my skin, especially under the eyes. I use it both AM and PM. I'll definitely be ordering again! "

- Shannon from North Carolina 

"I've actually never used a topical product line that has shown such startling results. I'm combining the microdermabrasion scrub with the Needless Serum and my skin is really showing improvements. Noticeably less fine lines, they are just disappearing - I can't believe it!"

- Naomi from Louisiana 

"After a month of using DRMTLGY's anti-aging products, I have received more compliments than I ever have in my life! I honestly can say this skincare line is the best I've ever tried. My skin looks healthy, firm, and bright. 10/10 would buy over and over."

- Traci from Connecticut 

"I just love the needle-less Serum! After only 3 days I noticed a big difference in my skins appearance especially under my eyes. I have very sensitive skin and anything oily will cause it to break out so was a little worried but so far so good. Will definitely be reordering!"

- Kelly from Texas 

"I am so happy I have found this product line ! I am addicted and will continue to purchase this line instead of the other products I was purchasing for almost double, The customer service is also amazing ... RYAN made me feel like a celebrity:) Thank you!!! "

- Beth from New York 

"I have been using the collagen serum for about a week & just began using the retinol, eye & neck creams. At 51, I figured it was time to step up my skincare routine. So far, I like everything. I can see a softening of the lines around my eyes & my jawline appears to be tightening. I looking forward to seeing the results evolve! Customer service has also been very helpful. "

- Celeste from Nevada 

"The anti-aging products are amazing! Age spots are fading,skin feels smooth and I love getting compliments about how good I look"

- Jody from California