5 Reasons Why You Need This Barrier Repair Mask

Replenish and repair your damaged skin barrier while you sleep
with this ultra-rich, hydrating mask.

1. Deep Hydration 

If your skin is depleted, sometimes moisturizer just isn't enough. This rich cloud-like mask has high concentrations of hyaluronic acid, peptides, and ceramides deeply hydrate the skin, helping it retain moisture and combat dryness. 

2. Reduces Redness & Calms Irritated Skin

Chamomile, oat, and aloe extract soothe the skin and visibly reduce redness, providing relief for sensitive or irritated skin while promoting hydration and repair.

3. Goodbye, Dry, Flaky Skin!

When your skin barrier is damaged, skin can be dry and flaky. This mask is specifically formulated to repair the skin barrier, replenish moisture levels, and restore skin suppleness.

4. Wrinkle-Smoothing Effect

Hydrated skin = less noticeable texture, wrinkles, and fine lines. Wake up to visibly plumper, smoother skin after just one night's sleep!

5.  Enhanced Overnight Repair

The barrier repair mask amplifies the skin's natural repair process while you sleep, targeting damaged areas for intensive rejuvenation. Can be in place of your nightly moisturizer or as needed treatment for depleted skin.

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DRMTLGY's Barrier Repair Mask

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What Our Customers Say

This mask is a savior for my skin! No moisturizer ever gave me enough hydration so my face was constantly dry, tight, and flaky. This mask is the only product that has helped. I have used it every night and I no longer have any of those issues.


Verified Buyer

I absolutely love this!!!! I can definitely see results after only using for a few days. I wear night and day as it absorbs into skin and leaves you feeling smooth and hydrated with no issues wearing makeup over it if you choose to do so.

Christina J.

Verified Buyer

I have struggled with dry skin no matter what I use but this product is a game changer. It has helped moisturize my skin to an insane degree.


Verified Buyer