6 Ways to Combat Dry Winter Skin

Cold winter air brings with it drier, duller skin. Because of that, we should make some minor adjustments to our routine to keep skin hydrated, vibrant, and healthy.


1. Turn down the hot water

During colder months, it's recommended to take skin-soothing lukewarm baths and showers, rather than overly hot ones. Hot water can dry out the skin, leading to irritation, or in some cases, eczema flare-ups.


2. Use a soothing cleanser

Try switching to DRMTLGY's Essential Cleanser to prevent any disruption to your skin's moisture barrier. This ultra-soothing formula quenches your skin with aloe vera, plant antioxidants, and soothing botanical oils.


3. Use a weekly mask

No matter how many serums and creams are applied, extremely dry skin always needs light exfoliation. Our Pumpkin Enzyme Mask helps illuminate the skin with the help of fruit enzymes and Kaolin clay to hydrate and purify.


4. Use antioxidant serums

No matter the climate, skin always needs protection from free radicals.

Vitamin C E + F


5. Moisturize daily and don't forget sunscreen

Occlusive moisturizers with ceramides, like Peptide Night Cream, deeply nourish and strengthen the skin barrier. On top of that, wearing sunscreen every day is the most important step you can take for your skin.


DRMTLGY's Best-In-Class Sunscreens


6. Hydrate, hydrate, hydrate

Lastly, drink plenty of water. Healthy skin starts with a healthy diet, and staying hydrated keeps your body healthy and happy!




All information is created for informational purposes only and is not intended to be a substitute for professional medical advice, diagnosis, or treatment.