Who We Are

DRMTLGY’s mission is to make high end, medical grade skin care, more affordable and more accessible. We’re able to do this in a few ways that makes us unique:

  1. We manufacture our own products
  2. We do not sell our products to any third parties
  3. We strictly sell online

We’ve manufactured these products in our FDA regulated facility, located in Southern California, for the last thirteen years. These products have only been available to the public via 2,000+ dermatologists and plastic surgeon’s nationwide, until now.

Our competitors source their products through third party manufacturers and sell their products in traditional retail outlets, driving up the costs of their products which gets passed onto you, the consumer.


Our Skin Care Approach

We know that no single ingredient can effectively treat a complex skin concern. We use a multiple-active ingredient approach in each one of our products to transform your skin in multiple ways. Our pharmaceutical grade ingredients are combined with botanicals, essential oils, and extracts in an easy-to-use vehicle for fast and effective treatments, helping you achieve dramatic results.


Our Formulations Have Been Featured In

Dermatology Times

Skin Inc


Skin and Aging

Dermatology Times Skin Inc. Journal of Drugs in Dermatology Skin & Aging


Our Background

We've spent more than a decade doing extensive research, performing clinical tests, and receiving feedback from physicians which has helped us develop a diverse portfolio of superior, technology-based formulas, containing highly concentrated active ingredients to improve your skin's overall health and appearance.