Corrector vs Concealer

Eye concealers and correctors are both types of makeup products used to cover imperfections around the eye area, but they serve different purposes and are used in different ways.

Eye Corrector

Neutralize discoloration such as dark circles or brighten the under-eye area

Often colored and is meant to counteract specific types of discoloration

Come in a peach or orange corrector to neutralize blue or purple undertones of dark circles

Create a more rejuvenated appearance, making the eyes appear brighter and more radiant

Eye Concealer

Cover up dark circles, blemishes, and other imperfections around the eyes

Typically skin-colored and is meant to blend seamlessly with your foundation or skin tone

Come in various shades to match different skin tones

Create a uniform complexion and hide minor imperfections

Correctors are usually applied before concealers to neutralize the discoloration, and then a concealer that matches the skin tone is applied on top to blend it with the rest of the skin.

Enhance your “no-makeup” makeup look

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Why is it not possible to have a super dark corrector?

The reason lies in the purpose of a corrector. Correctors are intended to neutralize, not to darken. Their colors are chosen based on color theory to counteract the specific hues of discoloration. Using a super dark corrector would not effectively neutralize discoloration but rather would add unnecessary darkness to the area, which is contrary to the goal of achieving an even, brightened skin tone around the eyes.

Instructions on How to Apply:

Dispense only half a pump to the applicator tip.

Gently dot around both eyes – under the eye and eyelid to brow bone and smooth in with the applicator tip.

Blend in with fingertips for a seamless finish. Reapply as needed throughout the day. Optional: Finish with a translucent setting powder.

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