How To Get Your SPF Powder Flowing

To get the initial powder activation to flow, follow these steps:

1. Holding the tube in the center, twist the bottom portion to the right in the "open" position until you feel it "click."

2. With the cap still on, turn it upside down and bang it on your hand or a hard surface 5-10 times to get the powder flowing through the brush.

3. Remove the cap and run your finger over the brush to see if powder is in the bristles.

4. You can now apply the SPF Radiance Powder!

If you need to apply more powder, put the cap back on and tap it upside down on your hand a few more times to get more powder onto the bristles. 

Application: Sweep directly onto skin in small circular motions. Powder can be applied to clean skin, moisturized skin, or over makeup. Apply generously for a minimum of 60 seconds. If more powder is needed, either shake the product downwards to dispense, or recap and forcefully tap more powder onto bristles.  

How To Get The Powder Flowing:

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1. Turn to “open” until you feel it click.

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2. With the cap on, forcefully tap on a hard surface 5-10 times with the brush facing down.

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3. Remove the cap and run your finger over the bristles to see if powder is in the brush.

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4. Now you're ready to apply.