To Primer or not to Primer...

Cosmetic primer is an often overlooked, but very useful tool, in the application of skincare and makeup. Sometimes referred to as “the photoshop of the makeup world,” it is definitely worth it to consider adding primer into your routine. Since it may feel unknown to some, let’s talk it out and discuss the whys, what’s, and how to’s when it comes to primer. 


What even is a primer? 

Essentially, primer is insurance for your makeup. Primer is meant to give your makeup an even base for a smooth application that will also help it last longer. One of the purposes of primer is to mattify skin slightly to create a canvas for your makeup reducing shine post foundation or skin tint application. Primer also gives skin that photo-like finish, as it works to fill in fine lines and reduce pores. 

Which step in my routine should I apply primer? 

Apply your primer after your moisturizer has had a minute or two to dry. Start with a thin layer and work your way up, as needed. Primer No. 1 is buildable so you can use as little or as much as you would like. After the primer dries for a minute or two, you can apply your foundation or go foundation-less–though Primer No. 1 is clear, it smooths skin enough to be the last step in your routine.

How does it help my makeup?

Primer is an excellent way to ensure your makeup stays in place all night when you’re going out, so use it as your evening primer to prep the skin before makeup. Not only does Primer No. 1 perfect the skin on your face, it can also be used on your eyelids to hold shadow in place and ensure a creaseless, longwear look. Primer No. 1 can also be used over your makeup for touch-ups! 

Does primer have any skin benefits?

Primer No. 1 contains vitamin E to nourish your skin and seal in all the goodness from your skincare routine. Primer also offers a layer of protection for your skin, keeping it safe from free radicals and pollution. It’s always wise to put a barrier between your skin and the elements anytime you go outside. Primer No. 1 is formulated with antioxidants, including vitamin A and E, to keep skin safe, healthy, and glowy. Vitamin E helps to create a natural barrier to keep moisture in your skin, which means Primer No. 1 relies on natural elements to ensure luscious skin throughout the day.

Who needs primer the most?

For those of us who struggle with oily skin, enlarged pores, and redness, primers can help enhance your look.

Do I really need a primer?

Primer has all pros and no cons. If you like the idea of putting a protective layer over your skin, filling in fine lines, blurring pores, creating the perfect canvas for your makeup application, and helping it stay on longer then primer is right for you! 

P.S. You can even use a tiny dab in your hair to tame your frizz in a pinch!

Makeup Primer No. 1

All information is created for informational purposes only and is not intended to be a substitute for professional medical advice, diagnosis, or treatment.