5 Summer Beauty Trends for Effortlessly Flawless Skin

Although we’ve just reached the halfway point of 2020, we won’t blame you if it feels like several years have already gone by.

There’s been a lot going on in the beauty world too, and we’re excited to see what the rest of this year will bring. But until then, here’s what everyone who’s everyone in skincare is talking about this season.

From cosmetics focused on skin protection to niche beauty products developed for specific audiences, there’s something for everyone in this beauty roundup. Keep reading for five of the most popular summer skincare trends of 2020!


Trend #1: Restorative Skincare Ingredients

For years, Western skincare products focused on exfoliation-heavy formulas that stripped away the dirt and oil from our skin. However, this incredibly drying method sometimes caused more issues than it solved.

Now, we’re seeing the pendulum starting to swing the other way. People are paring back their use of active ingredients in favor of those that heal and soothe the skin. We’re witnessing a skincare movement that protects the skin we have now, rather than the skin we want.

Although this philosophy got its start in the Asian beauty scene, it’s a movement that proves its usefulness again and again.

As summer reaches its peak amid the coronavirus pandemic, oily and acne-prone skin types especially can expect to see more breakouts. Stress and unhealthy snacking habits combined with prolonged mask-wearing requires anti-inflammatory ingredients to calm your skin STAT.

Popular summer skincare choices include hydrating hyaluronic acid, niacinamide and its corrective capabilities, CBD oil, and even snail mucin (a buzzy ingredient sought after in many Asian skincare products).

Give your skin a much-needed pick-me-up with our Hydration 10X Booster, or discover niacinamide’s multitude of benefits in our best-selling Needle-Less Serum.


Trend #2: Sun and Environmental Protection

Summer brings longer days and muggy nights, making this season an ideal one for spending time outdoors. But here’s the problem: More time spent outside means more time exposed to the conditions that accelerate skin aging.

Research shows that sun damage alone accounts for up to 80-90% of skin aging. Meanwhile, a 2019 study published in the Journal of the European Academy of Dermatology and Venereology shows that environmental pollution leads to dry skin, more oil, and even causes inflammatory skin conditions like acne and eczema.

Thankfully, beauty companies are creating products specifically to combat the effects of environmental stressors -- things like air pollution, UV and infrared radiation, and high-energy visible light.

You’ll see more brands catering to specific suncare needs, including eyeshadows with SPF and sunscreens that don't leave a white cast on darker skin tones. On the other hand, you’ll also see companies developing serums with beefed-up antioxidant support to fight free radical damage from the inside out.

Whether you’re spending more of your time indoors or catching some sun this summer, we offer a range of SPF products for every need. (And yes, you do need sunscreen even if you’re indoors -- this blog post reveals why.)


Trend #3: Toners

An often-neglected part of many skincare routines, toners are prized for their ability to let the products in your regimen shine.

How so?

This step balances your skin’s pH level and preps your skin for the rest of your routine. By equalizing your pH levels, toners create a chemical “clean slate” for your products to work at maximum effectiveness.

For best results, apply your toner after you cleanse your face and before you apply your treatments and serums.

DRMTLGY’s Neutralizing Toner doesn’t just balance your skin’s pH level; it also contains plant extracts and anti-aging peptides to soothe and repair your skin at the same time.


Trend #4: Skincare for Adults

Your skin changes throughout your life, and because of this, your beauty routine at 15 may look very different from your regimen at 50.

Adult acne, for example, is a totally different beast from the acne you got during your teenage years. These deep-seated breakouts require a different strategy to defeat, and we’re seeing more speciality skincare brands created just to treat this pesky skin concern.

Meanwhile, we’re also seeing developments in areas that have long been neglected by mainstream beauty companies. One of these areas? Cosmetics for mature skin.

Brands like DRMTLGY work to treat the skin concerns that come with menopause and aging -- including adult acne, wrinkles, as well as dry and thinning skin. We develop gentle, yet effective, formulas that address these issues without stripping your skin of moisture.


Trend #5: A Less-is-More Approach to Skincare

Sometimes, wide-sweeping lifestyle trends trickle down into everyday life. We saw how the vegan movement created the clean beauty trend a few years ago. Now, we’re seeing the effects of minimalist living on our skincare products too.

The Marie Kondo-inspired lifestyle trend is encouraging people to drop the beauty products that aren’t pulling their weight. Instead, they’re choosing highly-effective multitaskers that target several skin concerns at once.

You’ll find this less-is-more philosophy especially appealing in the summer. Heavy creams and oil-based products will clog your pores, which makes simple, lightweight routines the way to go this season.

Most DRMTLGY products feature multiple active ingredients so you can use one product to treat multiple skin issues.

Studies have shown that antioxidants like vitamin C and vitamin E work together to produce a synergistic effect, multiplying their effectiveness several times over. That’s why products like the Retinol Complex .5%, for example, feature these two compounds in addition to retinol for exponential anti-aging results.

Choosing multitasking products like these helps you to save money. As an added bonus, you’ll find that you’re spending less time on your beauty regimen too.


Regardless of your skincare philosophy, there’s something new for you to try in this season’s crop of beauty trends.

If you have any questions or if you’d like to incorporate them into your current routine, our experts are here to help! All you need to do is fill out the form on our website with your skin type and skin concerns, and they’ll help you out from there.



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All information is created for informational purposes only and is not intended to be a substitute for professional medical advice, diagnosis, or treatment.