The Difference Between

Physical Tinted Moisturizer SPF 44

Universal Tinted Moisturizer SPF 46

Physical Tinted Moisturizer SPF44

Universal Tinted Moisturizer SPF46

Sunscreen Type
100% Mineral
Hybrid ?

Contains both chemical and mineral filters

Water Resistant
Blends with Every Skin Tone
No White Cast
Reef Friendly
UVA/UVB Protection

Mineral? Chemical? Hybrid?
What’s the difference?

Physical Sunscreen

Physical Sunscreen

Physical sunscreens (also called “mineral sunscreens”) contain mineral active ingredients, such as titanium dioxide or zinc oxide, which work by sitting on top of the skin, causing UVA and UVB rays to be deflected. Physical sunscreens are reef friendly and tend to be the best choice for sensitive skin.

Though not true of all physical sunscreens, DRMTLGY’s Physical Universal TInted Moisturizer SPF44 and Day Dream SPF 40 are water-resistant for up to 80 minutes, making them ideal candidates for those with a more active lifestyle.

Hybrid Sunscreen

Hybrid Sunscreen

Hybrid sunscreens combine both mineral and chemical ingredients. Hybrids are usually slightly more lightweight than physical sunscreens and tend to absorb into the skin a bit quicker, but this can vary depending on the formulation.

DRMTLGY's Broad Spectrum SPF45 and Universal Tinted Moisturizer are both lightweight, hybrid sunscreens.

Chemical Sunscreen

Chemical Sunscreen

Chemical sunscreens, adversely, work by absorbing UV rays into the skin, converting them into heat, and releasing them from skin. These sunscreens tend to be very lightweight and penetrate the skin.

DRMTLGY does not currently carry any 100% chemical sunscreens.