The Best Skincare Products When You're Over Age 50

Medically reviewed by Dr. Jen Haley, Certified Dermatologist
Medically reviewed by Dr. Jen Haley, Certified Dermatologist

Haven’t you heard? 50 is the new 30! The world is your oyster. Naturally, you will want to look as young as you feel. One major component to looking good is youthful skin, which is synonymous with proper and consistent skincare. While your zest for life may not have changed, your skincare routine should - because using the right products make a big difference after age 50. Even if you’ve never deployed a skincare routine, no worries because there’s no wrong time to start!

Why skincare in your 50’s is different

Skincare products are different for women in their 50’s because they address the signs of hormonal changes. Around 50, estrogen levels can begin to drop. Because estrogen is responsible for keeping the skin plump, the youthful volume under the skin on the face can disappear as well. The primary areas affected by hormonal changes are around the neck and jawline. Fine lines can form here easily. Lines and wrinkles can also appear near the upper lip and outer edges of the eye, also known as crow’s feet

Another factor that affects skin appearance in your 50’s is long-term exposure to the sun. While you may have not seen any signs of damage in your earlier years, this is the time when dark spots and wrinkles form.

Interestingly, even human skin not exposed to the sunlight also ages (but somewhat less so). So beach or no beach, sunscreen or no sunscreen, natural, chronologic signs of aging occur. This means that even when you’ve taken excellent care of yourself and stayed out of the sun, after 50 the skin wIll inevitably show signs of age.

Enough doom and gloom, now to the good part! DRMTLGY’s skin-care products have been developed to combat the specific skin issues associated with aging. Developed with dermatologist-recommended ingredients, our products are effective and make a difference in the appearance of your skin.

In this article, we’re highlighting three of our most popular skincare products containing the best ingredients on the market for people 50 and over. Read on to discover how retinol, peptide night creams, and serums can do wonders for you!



Retinol products

Products containing retinol are very important in keeping the skin looking youthful, and by the age of 50, they will be a primary ingredient to focus on when choosing the right product to buy. 

Before we go any further, it’s important to distinguish the term retinol from retinoids, which are commonly used interchangeably. A product containing retinol is available over-the-counter, meaning you can purchase it outright at a store or online.The term retinoids is an all encompassing term to include both retinol and products that are available by prescription only. 

Retinols and retinoids were first discovered as major tools to combat aging skin in 1971. Famous dermatologist Albert M Kligman of the University of Pennsylvania began to use them to treat acne. But his patients noticed that in addition to their acne clearing, those patients that were prescribed Retin-A also found that their skin had become smoother, less pigmented, and they experienced a reduced appearance of their wrinkles. 

Studies have shown that topical use of retinol can offer improvements in the appearance of the skin. One way in which they are able to have such astonishing results is that they create the look of a rejuvenated, glowing face. 

Your best choice for retinol is DRMTLGY’s Retinol Complex.5%. It’s packed full of helpful retinol, plus you get the benefit of added Vitamin C and E antioxidant power. It is important to be patient with retinol, and hey, Rome wasn’t built in a day. Like little seedlings with water, retinol will slowly start to fade the appearance of sunspots over time with continued consistent application, These same studies have shown the time it takes to see a difference is around three to six months of regular use. In the following six to 12 months, your skin will continue to look great. What are you waiting for? Plant those seeds! 

One of our loyal customers, Celeste from Nevada, describes her results after using our Retinol Complex. “I have been using the (Needle-less) serum for about a week & just began using the retinol, eye & neck creams. At 51, I figured it was time to step up my skincare routine. So far, I like everything. I can see a softening of the lines around my eyes & my jawline appears to be tightening. I look forward to seeing the results evolve! Customer service has also been very helpful”. But don’t just take Celeste’s word for it, try it for yourself!


Peptide Night Cream

Creams are the second products on this list that will make a huge difference in the appearance of your skin. Say it with me: hydrate, hydrate hydrate! Along with water, deeply nourishing creams containing active enzymes are super important for skin after 50.

Use of our luscious Peptide Night Cream can provide many benefits. We’ve packed this cream with loads of active peptides, ceramides, and antioxidants. Ceramides are a type of fatty acid, also known as a lipid. These lipids make up 50% of the outer layer of the skin. Their function is to lock in much-needed moisture to the surface and deeper layers of dry, aging skin. 

Products like our night cream are recommended by dermatologists precisely because they contain ceramides and oils, ideal ingredients you can use to bring back the skin’s youthful appearance. But they also contain enzymes, which are helpful in making the skin look as if layers of old dry skin have been magically lifted. Without using a product with these powerful enzymes and ceramides,  you can end up looking like years and years of old skin cells are still loitering around. Out with the old, in with a new, refreshed appearance!

You will want to apply this cream onto a clean face, and after applying any serums as well. That way, you will be locking in all of the good stuff so it can get to work making you look young again!


All of the major skincare brands are coming out with their own serums. Serums are amazing for people of any age because they lock in moisture and deliver high amounts of nutrients to the skin. They also happen to be especially good for women and men in their 50’s looking to combat aging skin that unfortunately tends to look drier with age.


Dr. Jennifer Herrmann is a board-certified dermatologist and dermatologic surgeon who practices in Beverly Hills ( the mecca for women wanting youthful skin!). “As our skin ages, we need to make use of richer, more emollient creams and serums to hydrate, calm, and brighten,” she says. 

Let’s start by defining what a serum is. A serum is a clear, slippery substance that contains a high amount of active ingredients that when applied, can really help to improve the appearance of pores, wrinkles, and dry skin. Serums are absorbed into the skin easily, quickly going to work to fade dark spots, clear up the appearance of acne, and more. 

Our Need-less Serum is our best-selling product. The miracle serum contains hyaluronic acid for plumping up the look of the skin while penetrating deep down below the surface.  

You can also find within the serum a pea extract, which does wonders for the skin. In fact, one clinical study found that pea extract improved skin elasticity (an element in the skin that dramatically weakens after age50) in just three weeks. We also threw in Bambusa Vulgaris Leaf Extract, which is natural silica. This silica acts to hydrate the skin when applied topically.

Lastly, we included copper peptides, in our Needle-less Serum, super powerful and protective antioxidants that help fight off free radicals. In 50 years’ time, plenty of skin damage can build up, and this helps to improve the appearance of that damage.

Products to Avoid After Age 50

Just like there are things that are super great for your skin after 50, there are others that are equally as bad. You will want to be careful with any of the following, as they can further exacerbate signs of aging.

Strong exfoliants and Masks

Many exfoliants and masks are designed for people whose skin tends to be more oily in nature, or for younger folks. They work well for these people because the masks sponge out all of the oils in the pores. But after 50, you want to keep all the moisture you can get, including any oils! Clay masks, for example, are drying masks that should be avoided. Harsh exfoliants are also not to be used, as they can scratch and irritate your already sensitive, potentially even damaging your elastic fibers.


Oftentimes, lotions contain strange ingredients and also alcohol. This of course is counter-intuitive as alcohol is drying to the skin. Stick with products containing oils and hyaluronic acids.

Unprotected Sun Exposure

Use your sunscreen! Not only is sunscreen super important to prevent damage from UVA and UVB rays, and prevent further signs of aging skin, it can also be a very hydrating product to apply. Our Tinted Sunscreen is an ideal product to protect, hydrate, and offers minimal coverage that can and should be worn every day, rain or shine!

Excess Exposure To Wind and Cold

A repeating theme is, of course, avoiding anything drying to the skin. That’s just what the wind and the cold will do if exposed too often or for too long. So dress warmly and cover up your skin if you must go outdoors when it is cold outside.

There you have it, the three best products for skincare over 50. Don’t forget to drink lots of water and eat fruits and vegetables, as they contain many important nutrients that are also helpful for getting the glow you want. Not over 50? Be sure to check our article on the best nighttime skincare routine for when you’re in your 40’s!



All information is created for informational purposes only and is not intended to be a substitute for professional medical advice, diagnosis, or treatment.